See How They Run by Tom Bale [Review]

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sounds like a pacific night in the French's house, which seems odd due to the recent presence of their 8 week old baby - Evie. However, something seems wrong and Harry can feel it deep down in his bones. Eyes tightly shut, not even daring to breathe, he comes to the conclusion that that there is an intruder in the house, a threat to his family.
After the initial shock, Harry and Alice find themselves in a situation that they never witnessed before. Their safe place is now in danger, being held not by one, but two masked men who demand to know the location of someone named Edward Renshaw. If denied, someone is getting hurt.
But who is Renshaw? What's the connection between him and these brute men?
First things first, although I did receive this book for a review, I will buy it in Paperback/Hardcover and keep it in my shelf because that's how good the book is.
See How They Run" is a book that really captures the reader's attention, not only due to the action that exists during the whole story but also due to the suspense that accompanies it (which lead me many times to hold my breathe with the several and amazing rows of events happening).
I feel like I had been on a rollercoaster ride, I suffered along with the characters in their worse moment, laugh along with them and I was always hoping for another chapter (I kept telling myself, just ONE more chapter). Totally recommend it for mystery/thriller fans.
A huge thank you to NetGalley and Tom Bale for providing me a copy of this book.
Final Rating: 4,5/5

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