April Reads

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Although April is just starting, I'm fully aware that I will have very little time to read since the Easter holidays are over.
But, as always, here is a set of books that I hope to be able to read this month.

- Firstly we have "Dark Places" by Gillian Flynn who may or may not be considered an April read, since I've started it but haven't finished.
This book talks about a family that was murdered in Kansas on the night of January 2, 1985. That night, Libby's mother and two of her daughters were brutally slaughtered, and Libby was the only survivor. That being said, who is the suspect? Libby's brother, Ben, that 24 years later is still arrested for the crimes that he committed (did he?)
This question leads Libby into an obsessive search about her family's true killer.
The book is written in three different points of view (Libby, mother and Ben) and they will be alternating as the day of the massacre and the present
-Then we have "The Disciple" by Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt. This book is part of a saga called "Sebastian Bergman" being the name of the main character of the story.
Sebastian Bergman is a detective and psychologist whose life is a real mess. In the last book he makes a big discovery that will influence the course of things from now on.
Meanwhile, his former team is investigating a series of brutal murders of women. The Modus operandi of this killer (or trademark) reminds him of a former killer that he arrested several years ago, but that is still stuck in prison so the responsible for the murder is concluded to be a copycat.
He eventually comes to the conclusion that all murders are related to him and that may put in danger all the people that he's close to.
- "Black Order" by James Rollins. This is the third book by James Rollins, being "Sandstorm" the first and "Bone of Maps" the second.
A mysterious fire in a bookshop in Copenhagen starts a tireless search through the four continents. Arson and murder reveal a insidious intrigue for stealing a Bible that belonged to Charles Darwin.
Meanwhile, Commander Gray Pierce (Sigma's Director) plunges into a mystery that comes from a Nazi Germany ... and it involves horrific experiments carried out in a laboratory currently abandoned and buried in the bowels of a Polish mountain.
It's now up to his team to uncover the plot that a century ago seeks to destroy the world.
These are my (hopefully) April Reads. Let me know if you read any of these.

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