Dark Places by Gillian Flynn [Review]

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Dark Places was my first book from Gillian Flynn, and I loved it so I'm definitely going to pick more books from her.

The story is told from three different POVs: From Libby Day in the present and from Ben and Patty Day in 1985 (January 2, the night of the murderers)
In that night, Libby's mother and two of her daughters were brutally slaughtered, and Libby was the only survivor. That being said, who is the suspect? Libby's brother, Ben, that 24 years later is still arrested for the crimes that he committed due to Libby's testimony.
After living from other people's donations, Libby's finances run out which leads her to search for a way to earn some money. And then, a stranger presents himself as "Lyle Wirth" and makes her go to a society called "Kill Club" that had the goal of solving some crimes. Meanwhile, she realizes that this society hardly believes that Ben's innocent and that Libby gave a false testimony.
Intrigued by this, she soon starts to dig up some new information about that night, leading her to the conclusion that maybe her brother wasn't the responsible for those crimes, and the one who committed them might be still out there.
The whole book made me question my own mind. How in the earth can someone think like this? Someone human? It's that kind of book that gives you lots of feelings, mostly macabre. I thought that maybe she would hold back some of those twisted thoughts but i couldn't be more wrong. A huge characterization of the murder scenes, chopped body parts, a strong vocabulary and a type of sequence that sometimes would made me sick but still excited about it. It's disturbing and upsetting but somehow she made it work, and I'm glad for that.
The one thing keeping me from giving this a five star rating is that, for me, the final just felt incomplete, such a mystery and complication and then that's the end, didn't really feel like it was connected to the main story.
Final Rating: 4/5

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